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What Animal Is Color Blind

What Animal Is Color Blind. I am not aware of the entire list of colorblind animals, but i remembered an interesting fact i had learned when i had been to the aquarium in chicago (shedd aquarium). Other animals that are totally color blind, or monochromats, include dolphins and walruses. What Animals are Color Blind from bubakids.com To horses,… Read More »

What Is Your Anime Eye Color

What Is Your Anime Eye Color. Saori hayami, tatsuya tokutake, miyuki sawashiro, minami tanaka, ayaka fukuhara. Date added 10/11/07 accuracy rating: EyesColorLearn Manga Basics EyesColor by Naschi on deviantART from www.pinterest.com I would probably choose green as they are awesome. Make the length of the line as wide as you want the eye to be. 22 anime hair… Read More »